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Carpet cleaning machines and chemicals for sale

Professional products from the industry's leading manufacturers:  Host von Schrader, Craftex, Chemspec, CFR, One Step and Powr-Flite.  Our shop is packed with equipment and consumables to clean and protect every type of carpet in any environment, domestic or commercial. 

Follow these links (or scroll down) for further information including prices:

Wet or Dry?  An Overview of Both Systems

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines Craftex Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaners
HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Sponges CFR Commercial Pro-Spotter
Upholstery Cleaning Machines Powr-Flite 1350 Perfect Heat - 500 p.s.i. & hot water
Craftex Thermadry Carpet Cleaner Whole Room Dryer

For new start-up businesses we provide full after sales support, (machines are serviced and repaired on our own premises) and we offer informal start-up training in our shop or formal day courses at venues around the UK.  You can also train to become a Woolsafe Approved Operator for the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System by attending one of our Host operator courses.  We are always available to help you with advice as you grow your business and customer base or simply want advice on spot removal.  Comprehensive carpet cleaning guides are available from our shop and cover dry extraction carpet cleaning from Host and wet spray extraction from Craftex.  Our shop in Wallingford is packed full with carpet cleaning products, from terry towels and snap blocks to microsplitting carpet cleaner solutions, extraction machines and pump up sprayers.

A.G. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning of Reading, Berkshire is one of our many satisfied customers:

Since establishing my carpet and upholstery cleaning business in 2004, I have purchased all of my cleaning equipment and most of my cleaning chemicals from Clean Machine's excellent range.  They also have an outstanding servicing and repair workshop delivering a fast and reliable service which has always ensured that my cleaning equipment, and therefore my business, is always up and running. 

Whether you wish to purchase or hire cleaning equipment or have yours serviced or repaired, I would definitely recommend Clean Machine to anybody in the cleaning industry. 

Anthony George

Wet or Dry?  An Overview of Both Systems

Here is an overview of both wet and dry carpet cleaning systems we supply, service and hire.  We can offer you informed advice on the best system and machines to suit your particular application.  The machines shown below are capable of cleaning domestic houses through to entire office blocks and hotels.  A number of our customers clean in excess of 1 million square feet of carpet annually using the Host dry extraction system. 

Wet - spray extraction for cleaning carpets and upholstery.  Using a carpet wand and hose, cleaning solution is injected under pressure into the carpet pile and immediately extracted using the machines vacuum, cleaning in one pass and removing deep down dirt.  Machines vary tremendously in size, capacity and performance and our prices range from £199 to over £5000.

Host logoHost dry extraction  This system is by far the easiest to use and good for any carpet especially high quality wool carpets and Persian rugs.  No water is required... simply vacuum the carpet, sprinkle Host carpet cleaning product (called sponges) over carpet and then power brush the Host sponges through the pile.  After brushing for a few minutes, simply vacuum up the (now dirty) HOST sponges and the carpet is ready for use.  For more information on HOST dry extraction systems read on and visit www.hostcarpetcleaning.com

[New!] Save Water with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System
See the press release for more details.

[New!] HOST will also clean floor grout easily and effectively.  See our News page


Why HOST? Here's Why...

bulletDeep cleans fast and easy - saves you cleaning time
bulletSpots won't come back - no wickback!
bulletUse carpet right away - no downtime!
bulletLow moisture method allows deep cleaning of just the soiled areas making maintenance extremely cost-effective
bulletProlongs carpet life
bulletSafe for all carpets including stain resist and wool
bulletRecommended by leading carpet manufacturers and fibre producers


What is HOST?

Handful of Host spongesHOST Sponges Cleaner looks and works just like a sponge in your kitchen, dissolving and absorbing dirt.  It's a soft natural product, moistened with water and safe cleaning ingredients.  It's a low moisture method, holding and controlling the cleaning liquids so dissolved dirt doesn't run into the carpet backing.

Vacuum the carpet or rug using the Hosts' integral vacuum cleaner, the powerful vacuum and counter rotating brushes remove deep down dust and grit.  The brushes also lift the pile, immediately improving the carpets appearance.  Then brush Host SPONGES cleaner through the pile to wipe the soil from the carpet fibres and absorb virtually any spots and stains.  After brushing, switch on the Host's vacuum and remove the soiled Host SPONGES and the carpet is dry, clean and ready to use!

Green Seal Certified logo

Green Seal Certification 
Host Dry Carpet Cleaner is Green Seal Certified. 
The Green Seal is awarded to products that meet the standards of performance, safety and reliability.  Because HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner achieved the Green Seal Certification, you can be sure that it will promote a cleaner, healthier environment, cause less toxic pollution, reduce waste and conserve resources and habitats.  Products are tested according to science-based environmental leadership standards, that it works well or better than others in its class, and that it has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest.  Purchasers can be confident that certified products are better for human health and the environment.  Visit http://www.greenseal.org/ or contact us for more information.



Host Liberator Extractor Vac

The HOST Extractor VACTM Liberator frees you from time-wasting trips to the cleaning cupboard for vacuums, spotters, carpet cleaning machines and pile lifters.  This technological breakthrough redefines carpet care.  Until now, there's never been one machine that could perform all these different jobs quickly and effectively - at the touch of a button!

Watch a video of Host in action here: Commercial Carpet Restoration using Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

Special Features:
bulletSelf-propelled, gliding action. So easy, anyone can use it!
bulletHost Sponges can be vacuumed up even when wet
bulletExtremely powerful integral vacuum cleaner and no bags required
bulletTwo wheeled caddy with drive-up ramp allows easy transportation between rooms
bulletBuilt in storage for spotting kits and consumables 
bulletConvenient twist-off cord release.

Host Liberator

Here's what the Liberator does for you:
bulletPower vacuums "lawn mower" style to cover long hallways and lobbies in a flash.
bulletOffers high speed productivity and superior effectiveness.
bulletPile lifts as you vacuum without an extra labour-intensive step
bulletMaintains and restores at the flick of a switch - the ideal machine for the Host Computer Aided Maintenance Plan
bulletRemoves spots...and they won't come back!
bulletDetail cleans with onboard crevice tool
bulletImproves Internal Air Quality (IAQ) ! Removes allergens and dust via 4-stage filtration, with optional HEPA-type filter.



Host Freestyle Extractor Vac

Dry cleans carpet ... fast.  The FREESTYLE is versatile, powerful and ideal for both large and small areas and even stairs in commercial and domestic properties.

This machine is the ultimate in fast carpet cleaning with its integral high power vacuum, and is capable of cleaning up to 100 square metres of carpet per hour.  The Freestyle vacuums, power brushes and pile lifts in one pass.  It also knocks down for use on stairs and for easy transport.  Sachets and commercial size boxes of Host sponges available.

Here's how you can use the Freestyle:

When your "to do" list is as long as your arm, improve your reach with the HOST extractor VAC Freestyle - the equipment that gives you freedom to use it in many ways!  This unique machine separates without tools into different components - flexibility which allows the Freestyle to adapt to a variety of jobs.

Freestyle Extractor Vac


bulletRestoration carpet cleaning - deep cleans fast and vacuums up HOST SPONGES®
bulletRoutine maintenance cleaning
bulletIndoor air quality control, removing dust and allergens through HOST cleaning and HEPA - type filtration
bulletSpotting and stair cleaning
bulletUnder furniture cleaning
bulletTank vacuuming for high dusting and detailing with optional accessories
bulletPile lifting
Special Features:
bulletSelf - propelled, gliding action. So easy, anyone can use it!                                                                        
bulletPortable! Separates for transport. Wheeled storage tray rolls easily from job to job 
bulletHigh performance vacuum with cyclone extracts unbelievable amounts of dust from the depths of the carpet


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The new Freetrucky has been especially designed to easily move and store the Host Freestyle, without having to lift it in and out of the standard Host trolley.  The new innovative Freetrucky has two large rear wheels to enable step climbing, moving across uneven ground, and lengthy journeys between buildings on larger sites  - ideal for cleaning contractors on the move.  An integral basket holds essential supplies of Host Spot Remover, spotting brush, terry towel and 1 kg bag of Host Sponges.  To remove the Host Freestyle from the Freetrucky, simply unclip the quick release strap and tilt the Host Freestyle forwards, and the machine is ready to use without any lifting.  Putting the Host Freestyle back onto the Freetrucky is just as simple and easy. 




The Freetrucky fits Host Freestyle, Reliant and T6 models. Price £165. 

Delivery charges next day to UK mainland £10, or collect from our shop.
Please call for delivery charges outside UK mainland.


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HOST Carpet Cleaning Products

The only carpet cleaning products you need with HOST:


Handful of Host spongesUse carpet right away! 

No sticky detergent residue to cause unsightly resoiling.

Fast, easy, super effective

Removes spots, stains, dirt and odours

Deep cleans heavily soiled carpet, traffic lanes, entryways, mats, stairs

Ideal to use with your daily vacuuming

Spots won't wick back or reappear

Safe and environmentally friendly

Recommended by carpet manufacturers worldwide                                                                                       

Extra cleaning power for Restoration                                                                                              

Restore "trashed out" carpet.  Cleans deep and fast. Best for greasy, heavy soil. Great coverage. Ideal for maintenance, too.

HOST SJ SPONGES:  For Special Jobs

Try it on solution dyed nylon, polypropylene, wool Berber and light colored carpets

Great for car park track-off

HOST SMOKE-X: Concentrated Deodoriser

Eliminates Odours!

Breaks down odours by chemical action, not just a mask.  Get rid of strong odours like urine, smoke and food spills on carpet or other surfaces.  Superb for nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and residences.


New improved HOST Carpet Care Kit - Use on any carpet or rug*   Emergency Spot and Spill Kit
Handy, affordable kit contains everything needed for quick and easy carpet spot removal
Removes spots and spills permanently - no wickback - no resoiling residue
Commercial & Domestic
Instructions on outside of kit
Host Carpet Care Kit
Kit Contains:
2 x 1kg HOST Carpet Cleaner
1 x Host Spot Remover 237ml bottle
1 x Host Pre-Clean 207ml bottle
1 x Host Spotting Brush
1 x White Absorbent Spotting Towel

All in a handy resealable carry case
  £26 per Kit   excludes VAT & delivery

Easy to order on 01491 825600, carriage to UK mainland £8, next-day delivery must be signed for. 

Total price including carriage and VAT at standard rate of 20% = £40.80 

*Excellent for wool carpets and rugs, proceed with care (do not over-wet )on seagrass, sisal and coir.


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Upholstery Cleaners 

Host von Schrader ESPRIT - Low Moisture Upholstery Cleaning Machine

This is the fastest drying and safest upholstery extraction system we have tried.  Quickly and easily clean and enhance the look of upholstery, and extend its life.

How the von Schrader Esprit works:

Host von Schrader Esprit upholstery cleanerThe von Schrader ESPRIT has an integral vacuum which removes surface dust and dirt.  A unique low foam detergent is generated within the machine and applied to the fabric. Counter-rotating brushes provide agitation so that the detergent works effectively, loosening embedded soil and spills.  Finally, the powerful vacuum removes the dirty detergent together with the soil and other residues.

Because the cleaning detergent is applied as very low moisture foam, drying times are ultra fast and there is no requirement for drying aids such as heaters or blowers. Fabric is left in almost "ready to use" condition. There is no danger of over wetting and consequent damage to fillings.

Having counter-rotating brushes ensures that no distortion to the fabric weave occurs.  Therefore the finest fabrics and even leather can be cleaned with confidence.  Single or multiple seating can cleaned in situ and at remarkable speed.  The speedy drying time means that seating is ready to use in less than half an hour.

Apart from home and office furniture the ESPRIT system is used in other areas such as the automotive resale and aviation industry with their demanding performance specifications.

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NEW!  Host von Schrader ARIDEX - The Dry Upholstery Cleaning System

A simple and fast method for deep cleaning your upholstered furniture anytime without the inconvenience of getting it wet.  Great for cleaning all types of fabric including velvet, jacquard, weaves, tapestry, brocades and leather. 


Upholstery cleaning is routine not a special project


Super-fast drying with no over-wetting dangers


Upholstery goes back in use almost immediately


Easy to use


Non-resoiling detergents for fabric and leather


Portable - lightweight - only 17.25 kg (38lbs)


Use on most fabrics even leather and silk

Aridex Starter Pack C1921:


Aridex Upholstery Detergent


Aridex Upholstery Pre-spray


Aridex Defoamer


Aridex Fabric Protector


Aridex Spot Remover


Aridex Leather Combo Pack


All accessories

Simple Fast Steps:


Vacuum and remove the dry dirt


Generate and apply foam cleaner


Foam applied using unique counter-rotating brushes - no fabric distortion!


Brushes agitate foam to emulsify and encapsulate dirt with no fabric distortion


Vacuum away soiled foam for collection in the recovery tank

Aridex Dry Upholstery Cleaner and Starter Pack 

For more information on how Aridex works, and the technical specification, visit the manufacturer's website at http://www.hostdry.com/aridex_works.htm


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Our top-selling professional carpet cleaning machine: the amazing THERMADRY Carpet Cleaner - unbelievable results with minimal effort and a chemical cost of just 0.07p per square metre

We supply the comprehensive range of Craftex carpet cleaners and their extensive catalogue of carpet cleaning chemicals and carpet protecting solutions.  Craftex products offer excellent value for money and proven reliability. 
Thermadry carpet cleaner
Low Moisture THERMADRY Carpet Cleaners
 Thermadry is the latest carpet cleaning technology from Craftex.  A quick and easy way to clean most carpets (including wool), and usually requiring only 15 minutes to an hour drying time, depending on carpet type and level of soiling.  The machine looks similar to a 17" rotary floor polisher and is fitted with an integral heater.  To clean a carpet with Thermadry, simply vacuum the carpet first, preferably with an upright vacuum cleaner and then pre-spray the carpet with a neutral cleaning solution called Microsplit.  Select a 17" carpet pad and spray the pad with Catalyst, ready for use.  Attach the pad to the base of the Thermadry machine and start buffing as if you are cleaning a hard floor.  The integral heater raises the temperature of Lambswool padthe pad to approximately 80 degrees Centigrade.  Dirt and virtually any stains and spots are drawn into the pad on contact, usually one pass is sufficient to thoroughly clean even the dirtiest carpet.  Catalyst is also a deodoriser, carpet protector and drier, with added disinfectant and natural orange fragrance.  Carpets are left looking and smelling great.  Results are often superior to a professional spray extraction machine. One pad will clean up to 30 square metres and can then be washed in a standard washing machine (no need to use washing powder).  We supply sufficient pads to work all day.  The Thermadry is easily capable of cleaning over 1000 square metres of carpet in 8 hours.   Microsplit and Catalyst carpet cleaning solution available in 5 litres on sale or return.  Thermadry machines are extremely reliable, no pumps or vacuum motors to breakdown and very, very quiet in operation. Handle folds over for easy storage or transport and the 15 metre cable is quick to change if it gets damaged. 

Thermadry Carpet Cleaner £2,195 complete with Thermadry pad driveboard, 7kg weight, shampoo brush and a standard pad driveboard for use with hard floor pads. 

Carpet pads £17.60 each.  Heavy duty carpet pads with bristle stripe £30.80 each.  Heat-resistant gloves for handling the Thermadry pad driver £30.80.  Upholstery and stair mitt £17.60.  Catalyst carpet cleaning solution 5 litres £24.95 (mixes 1:4 parts with water).  Quality 6 litre pump up sprayer with stretchy hose £74.95.  Double pump action trigger sprays £7.30.

We recommend a SEBO BS36 upright vacuum cleaner is used to extract as much dust and grit from the carpet as possible prior to using the Thermadry (or any carpet cleaner).  Sebo BS36 £345

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Sabrina 5000

Sabrina carpet cleanerCompact 14 litre carpet spray extraction machine, suitable for domestic or commercial use.  Two stage 1500W vacuum motor.  4 bar (58 p.s.i) solution pump.  Complete with special floor wand (cleans carpet and hard floors) and upholstery tool.  2.5 metre hose set, 10 metre cable and weighs only 12 kg.  Low price at only £675



Sabrina Maxi 5010

Sabrina Maxi carpet cleanerMid-sized 30 litre carpet spray extraction machine.  Two stage 1500W vacuum motor.  Shurflow 9 bar (130 p.s.i) solution pump.  3 jet 300 mm wide professional floor wand and see through upholstery tool.  10 metre cable and 3.5 metre hose assembly.  Ideal for new start up businesses.  Machine splits in half in seconds for carrying upstairs or packing in the back of a car.  Excellent value at £1,395



Sharon Brush 5055

Sharon carpet cleaner12 litre self-contained carpet spray extraction machine with built in power brush.  Very easy to use, simply pull backwards to clean carpet and hard floors.  A lever mounted on the front of the machine changes the pickup from carpet to hard floor.  The power brush is equipped with three jets and height adjustment for deep cleaning or maintenance cleaning.  The two stage 1000w vacuum motor provides excellent drying ability.  Upholstery/stair tool and 2.5 metre hose included.  Only £1,345



Grace 5020

Grace carpet cleanerBEST-SELLER Consistently one of our best-selling carpet cleaners.  70 litre solution and recovery tanks are ideal for large area carpet spray extraction.  Two triple stage 1500W vacuum motors capable of operating with up to 15 metres (50') of suction hose.  Shurflow 9 bar (130 p.s.i) solution pump.  300 mm (12'') 3 jet floor wand, 5 metre hose set and see-through upholstery tool. 10 metre cable. Top mounted switches are easy to reach and operate, and a clear dome on top of the recovery tank allows the operator to see if the carpet is dry enough.  Recovery tank drain hose fitted as standard or a gate valve can be specified for £21.  The Grace weighs 43 kg and splits into two sections for easy transporting and carrying.  A very simple and reliable machine will give many years of operation and at low cost.   Only £2,095 


Optional accessories for Craftex carpet cleaners:

Instant 1800W hot water attachment rapidly heats cold water up to 70 degrees centigrade and includes a thermal cut out switch to avoid overheating.  Can be used to recirculate water to solution tank raising the temperature even higher when required.  £395

Grace HP Hot water unit has same features as above but is uprated to take 400psi and mounts on to the Grace HP  £425

Upgrade to an aluminium hand tool for only £30

5 - 15 metre extension hoses available for cleaning stairs etc. 
5 metre £96;  7.5 metre £128; 10 metre £160; 15 metre £210

Hose assembly bag £29.95

Solid aluminium hand tool 100mm (4'') with stainless steel tube £85

Hard surface wand 300mm (12") two jets £145

Powerbrush 5061 400mm wide with five jets and height adjustable brush.
Weighs 21kg and connects to Grace and Sabrina Maxi carpet cleaning machines.

Dry dust wand enables dry vacuuming without changing the machines hoses and set up.
£69 pack of 10 dust bags £14.95


Grace HP 5022   400 p.s.i  

Grace carpet cleanerNEW!  The very latest high performance spray extraction machine from Craftex offers 28bar (400 p.s.i) for really deep cleaning and fast coverage of even the dirtiest carpet.  The pump pressure is adjustable to suit all conditions and to operate stair and upholstery tools.  A very useful feature built into this machine is a prespray system.  A 5 litre container of prespray (traffic lane cleaner or microsplit for example) can be slotted into the back of the machine and a special hose attached.  The prespray flow is metred to your settings and sprayed onto the carpet via a professional lance and trigger gun, eliminating the need for additional pump up sprayers.  70 litre solution and recovery tanks are ideal for large area carpet spray extraction.  Two triple stage 1500W vacuum motors capable of operating with up to 15 metres (50') of suction hose.  300 mm (12'') 3 jet floor wand, 15 metre hose set (two x 7.5 m hoses) and see-through upholstery tool.  10 metre cable.  Top mounted switches are easy to reach and operate, and a clear dome on top of the recovery tank allows the operator to see if the carpet is dry enough.  The Grace HP weighs 54 kg and splits into two sections for easy transporting and carrying.  A very reliable machine will give many years of operation and at low cost. £2,995


Powerful 5040

Powerful carpet cleaner70 litre self-propelled spray extraction machine with built-in 500mm power brush for deep cleaning large areas of carpet.  This machine is very easy to operate as it cleans in a forward direction.  Two triple stage 1500W vacuum motors.  Shurflow 9 bar (130 p.s.i) chemical pump.  300mm (12") 3 jet floor wand and see-through upholstery tool included.  £4,495.



For the full range of Craftex carpet cleaning machines, accessories and chemicals, browse through our Craftex catalogue below. 

Clean Machine Craftex Catalogue Issue 6

Download the catalogue here:pdf icon    

Adobe® Reader® software is required to view this document  Get Adobe Reader

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CFR35 Commercial Pro-Spotter

Portable, Lightweight and Extremely Powerful

CFR35 Commercial Pro-SpotterCFR35 Pro-Spotter rear viewMain Features:

bulletAluminium telescoping handle
bullet3.5 gallon solution tank
bullet2.5 gallon recovery tank
bullet104 CFM
bullet55 p.s.i. oscillating pump
bullet4" clear sight upholstery tool
bulletSplash-proof clear tank lid
bulletHeavy duty latches
bullet15' power cord
bulletUltra heavy-duty poly housing
bulletUL listed Pump
bullet2-stage vacuum motor with 89" water lift
bulletExpandable 2.5' to 10' vacuum and solution hose
bulletFloat shut-off to protect vacuum motor
bulletRear mounted wheels
bulletWeighs only 36 lbs

The CFR35 commercial spotter is portable, lightweight, and extremely powerful.  It is perfect for spot removal between scheduled carpet cleanings, and those locations where the bigger extractors just won't fit.  You can use it to pick up small wet spills quickly and easily.  The CFR35 takes the hassle out of cleaning spots before they become a major stain.

The compact CFR35 weighs only 36 pounds and can be effortlessly moved from one location to the next, or extend the telescoping handle and tilt the CFR35 back on it's 5" transport wheels for maximum go anywhere convenience.

Cleaning armchair using CFR35 with hose Included with the CFR35 is a 4" hand tool and 10' of solution and recovery stretch hose. This stretch hose recoils to 2.5' feet for storage and transport and extends to 10' for operation.  The hose retracts and stores in the machine base for easy transport.  The hose can be fitted with 4 additional tools.  The tools are a spotting wand, a perforated upholstery/curtain tool, a crevice tool and a dripless internal spray detailer.

The CFR35 spotter is the ideal solution for many carpet cleaning problems.  Instead of using a big extractor for a small problem - just use the CFR35 commercial spotter!

Our price  £475


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Powr-Flite logo

Stop Press... 500 p.s.i & hot water - the ultimate carpet cleaning extractor machine

Powr-Flite 1350 Perfect Heat carpet cleaning machineUpgrade to the very best carpet cleaning technology
Powr-Flite 1350

The ultimate carpet cleaner - professional spray extraction with two triple stage vacuum motors, 500 p.s.i., hot water & Wonder Wand 

A very powerful machine with unique "Perfect Heat" system.  Injects cleaning solution at high pressure through patented Wonder Wand which leaves carpet 30% drier than traditional wands and is far easier to use. 500 p.s.i. solution pump (infinitely adjustable).  The powerful twin vacuum motors allow the use of long extension hoses for difficult to reach areas and stairs, and the heat they create is cleverly used to heat the cleaning solution together with an inline powerful 1750W heater for maximum temperature. The large solution tanks reduce the number of fill-ups.  Large stair climbing wheels.  Handlebar wheels for easy loading in vans and estate cars. Craftex professional cleaning solution available. 

Perfect Heat:  A whole new technology that improves heating performance in portable carpet extractors dramatically without any additional power requirements! It's not magic, it's innovative technology, so revolutionary - patents are pending.  This technology allows extractors to maintain temperatures as much as 20° hotter than most competitor models in normal use conditions.  Perfect Heat machines are fitted with two x 2 stage vacuum motors with heat transfer and a 2000 watt heater.

bullet500 p.s.i. solution pump (infinitely adjustable)
bulletTwin triple stage high performance vac motors
bulletUnique "Perfect Heat" cleverly uses the heat created
by the vacuum motors to heat the cleaning solution
plus an inline powerful 1750W heater for maximum temperature
bulletPatented Wonder Wand leaves carpet 30% drier than
traditional wands and is far easier to use
bulletInsider hose - solution hose is inside vacuum hose
bulletLarge stair climbing wheels
bulletHandle bar wheels for easy loading in vans and estate cars
bulletPrice £2999 includes VAT, Wonder Wand, upholstery tool & 30' insider hose

For more information on this excellent new machine
call 01491 825600.


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Whole Room Dryer machineWhole Room Drying has arrived! 

No more drying a room one section at a time!

bulletNEW downdraft (TM) drying technology!
bulletEasy to move from job to job
bulletNew 6-blade precision pitch fan
bulletMultiple position versatility; 2 speeds
bulletDry structures fast with more than 3,500 CFM
bulletStack up to 4 for easy storage or transporting
bullet360 degree downdraft (TM) drying
bullet4 heavy-duty casters lift unit to optimum downdraft height
bulletPrice £345

Whole Room Drying machine

Dry an average sized room in just minutes with NEW downdraft (TM) drying technology! The new Powr-Flite F6 fan is the most versatile air mover available with multiple positions for every drying need...including 360 degree downdraft (TM) drying. Downdraft (TM) drying takes advantage of the warmer air circulating at the top of a room, pulling it down, through the F6 and blasting it out over every square inch of the room, drying the carpet very quickly.

One dryer will dry an entire room in as little as 15 minutes. Dryers or air movers are typically spaced around a room in various positions to take advantage of walls and other surfaces to dry carpets as quickly as possible. But, a typical dryer has limited surface coverage and does not take advantage of the warm air at the top of a room.

The new F6 "whole" room dryer changes drying as we know it. No more leaving damp carpets to dry after you leave a job! The F6's 6-bladed precision pitched fan pulls warmer, drier air down, through the dryer, blowing it across the entire room for fast complete drying with only 1 dryer for the "whole" room. (See diagram)

  Whole room dryer method diagram


          F6 Specification

  Speeds   2
  Construction   Polyethyelene
  Power Cord   20'
  Operating Positions   4
  Handle   Molded, balanced
  Power/Amp   3.3
  Sensors   Circuit Breaker Shutoff
  Fan Blade   6 precision pitched
  Dimensions   27" x 17½" x 24"
  Weight   52 lbs
  Warranty   1 year

For more information call 01491 825600.


Please note: prices quoted are ex-works and do not include VAT unless stated



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