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We supply products from Craftex, ChemSpec Europe, Host von Schrader, Lithofin, Norsan, Pioneer Eclipse, Sebo & others.  Telephone orders on 01491 825600 usually despatched the same day if ordered before 2pm.  Craftex chemicals & products can also be ordered via our free mobile app or ordered online, simply follow the link or scan the QR code below.  Any questions, please contact us, we can offer advice on the best product for your task if you are unsure.

Craftex Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals & Products

Clean Machine Craftex Catalogue Issue 6    

View or download the Craftex catalogue here:pdf icon    

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Clean Machine App QR codeFor Craftex chemicals & products orders to mainland UK, get free delivery and loyalty points by using our online order website link above or by using our mobile app - simply scan the QR code with your mobile or visit Google Play or the App Store and search for Clean Machine in free apps.  Online and app orders subject to availability, terms and conditions stated on order site and app, and minimum order £60.

For the full range of Craftex carpet cleaning machines, accessories and chemicals, browse through our Craftex catalogue above - just click on the catalogue cover to open it in your browser or download and save it to view quickly and easily from your PC drive anytime, even if you are offline.

Contact us for telephone orders and advice on 01491 825600. 

Craftex was established in 1980 and is recognised as a leading manufacturer of quality carpet and upholstery care chemicals and machinery, including the highly versatile microsplit cleaning chemical which can be used to clean carpets, upholstery, and virtually any hard surface very effectively and at low cost.  Craftex carpet & upholstery cleaning chemicals are available in-store at our showroom in South Oxfordshire and for delivery to UK mainland. 

NEW! Micro Kill Virucidal - see our Special Offers page.


Follow these links (or scroll down) to see some of our best-selling Craftex products (link to full catalogue above):

Low Foam Shampoos
High Foam Shampoos & Maintenance Products
Deodorisers & Sanitisers
Protective Treatments
Spot & Stain Removers
Specialist Products & Additives

We also stock carpet cleaning machines from carpet cleaning specialists Craftex, CFR, Powr-Flite, etc.  For the very best in dry extraction carpet cleaning we stock the full range of HOST cleaning products.  See our carpet cleaners page

For cleaning and conditioning leather sofas and chairs, and many other leather items,  we recommend Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.  Using this regularly, every two weeks in normal use, will maintain your sofa's appearance and help to protect it at the same time.

Our own biodegradable carpet safe cleaning solution is also available.

Low Foam Shampoo

CR11 & CR12  Hot Water Extraction Liquid CR11 Hot Water Extraction Liquid
Low foaming, concentrated hot water extraction liquid with a lemon perfume for all 'water extraction' machines.  Leaves no residue after the cleaning process and therefore reduces resoiling. Dilution Rate 1:100 pH 10.5
CR11  5L     £8.45
CR12  25L  £37.95





CR80  & CR81  Microsplit Microsplit
An amazing formulation for use as a spot cleaner or pre-spray when cleaning carpets and upholstery.  Separates soiling without use of harsh chemicals.  Enzyme free, no detergents, colourless, odourless, no optical brighteners, solvent free, safe to use on wool.Dilution rate:  1:5 to 1:20   pH 8.7
CR81  500ml ready to use sprayer £4.25
CR80  5 Litres  £14.95



CR 98, CR33 & CR34  Champion Champion
Amazing, multi-purpose, heavy duty, industrial, non-scratch cleaner and degreaser concentrate.   Cuts through grease, oils, grime, blood stains, smoke damage, crayons, waxes, stubborn spills, some inks, etc.
Dilution rate: 1:4 to 1:50  pH 13.5
CR98  500 ml ready to use sprayer £3.95
CR33  5 Litres  £9.45
CR34  25 Litres  £42.95




High Foam Shampoos & Maintenance Products

CR76  Catalyst Catalyst
Catalyst is a neutral pH cleaner, deodoriser, protector and drier for carpets with an added disinfectant.  For use with Thermadry and other thermal rotary systems.  Carpets are dry within an hour, soft to touch with natural orange fragrance.  Also an excellent pre-spray for the bonnet buffing method of carpet cleaning.
Dilution rate: 1:4  pH 7.5
5 Litres  £24.95

Deodorisers & Sanitisers  (also see our Special Offers page)

CR24  Kill Odour Kill Odour deodoriser
Powerful deodoriser with 'pear drop' fragrance for complete odour removal.  Not a masking agent - it actually 'eats' away the bad smells.  For urine, faeces, smoke damage, vomit, refuse and other spillages.
Dilution rate: 1:20 or use neat in bad areas  pH 6.5-7.5
5 Litres  £10.45

Bactericidal odour control chemicals A new range of Craftex bactericidal odour control chemicals are now in stock.  They do not just mask the odour, the built-in bactericide kills a wide range of germs caused by pets, urine, faeces, smoke, food, vomit, etc.  Safe to use on all carpets, fabrics and furnishings that can be wet cleaned.  The new fragrances are Tropical Burst, Cherry Twist, Mint & Tea Tree and Clean Cotton, along with old favourites such as Pear Drop, Apple, Lavender, Citrus and Orange.

Protective Treatments

CR30  Carpet Protector with Dupont Flurochemical Carpet Protector with Dupont Fluorochemical
A water based flurochemical carpet, upholstery and fabric soil and stain repellent with built-in anti-static.  For spray application to resist dirt, matting and spillages.
Ready to use Coverage approximately 25-35 square metres  pH 5-6
5 Litres  £21.95





Spot & Stain Removers

CR80  Microsplit Microsplit spot cleaning chemical
Revolutionary product for spot cleaning carpets and fabrics.  Microsplit separates soiling without the use of harsh chemicals.  Enzyme free, no detergents, colourless, odourless, no optical brighteners, solvent free and safe to use on wool.
Ready to use   pH 8.7
5 Litre concentrate  £14.95



CR91 & CR 65  Coffee Stain Remover Coffee Stain Remover
A special formulation for the safe straightforward removal of coffee and other tannin stains in carpets and most fabrics.  The photos below show carpet with an old coffee stain on, before and after application of this product.
Ready to use   pH 4
CR91  500 ml     £3.95
CR65  5 Litres  £16.45

Before:   Coffee stain on carpet      After:   After applying Craftex Coffee Stain Remover


CR94  Pet Stain Spotter Pet Stain Spotter
A specialist product for neutralising and treating pet urine and vomit stains on carpets, upholstery and wet cleanable surfaces. 
Ready to use   pH 4
500 ml      £3.95



CR6407  Graffiti Remover Graffiti Remover
Low odour gel in aerosol form for removal of graffiti such as felt tip, crayon, ball point pen, aerosol paint etc. from carpets, fabrics and wet cleanable surfaces.
Ready to use
500 ml     £6.45






Specialist Products & Additives

CR29  Fibre Fresh Rinse CR29 Fibre Fresh Rinse
A mildly acidic rinse to prevent colour bleed and browning and for treatment of tea and coffee stains.  Can be sprayed onto fibres to neutralise the pH level.  Fresh clean fragrance.
Dilution rate: 1:100   pH 3
5 Litres  £8.95


CR45  Urine Neutraliser CR45 Urine NeutraliserCR95 Urine Spotter ready-to-use sprayer
A specialist product for neutralising and deodorising stains on carpets and upholstery.  Can be used on faeces and vomit stains.
Dilution rate: 1:1  pH 4
5 Litres  £8.95

CR95  Urine Spotter
Ready to use sprayer (as Urine Neutraliser above)  pH 4
500 ml  £3.95

CR74  Insecticide
Craftex Insecticide For removal of crawling and flying insects such as cockroaches, carpet beetles, ants, carpet moths, fleas etc. in domestic, agricultural and public health areas.
500 ml  £14.95






Chemspec Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Products

Click on the Chemspec logo below to see full product range, including Material Safety Data Sheets

Chemspec Europe logoMarket leaders Chemspec have been established for over 40 years and offer the largest range of carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals in the world.  View the full range of Chemspec products, including environment friendly Ecogent and infection control cleaning products such as Formula 429 Plus, at their website www.chemspec-europe.com and contact us for telephone orders and advice on 01491 825600. 




Have you seen the full range of Chemspec and Craftex carpet & upholstery cleaning products?
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We also stock the excellent ranges of Lithofin, Gramos Applied, Host dry carpet cleaning sponges and chemicals, Norsan, Pioneer Eclipse, Techman & Selden cleaning chemicals and floor sealers - an extensive range of cleaning chemicals to suit your cleaning task - whether you are looking for carpet cleaning chemicals, hard floor care, hygiene care, infection control, hand care, air freshener systems, laundry care, janitorial supplies, housekeeping or kitchen hygiene. 

All our chemical ranges are available either in-store or for UK mainland delivery - call us in the UK on 01491 825600.

Ask our experts for free advice: we will be happy to advise you which would be the most suitable for your application.







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