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Save Water with HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaning System

04/04/06 --  If you’re thinking about cleaning your carpets this Spring, consider using the HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaning System which claims to save over 90% of water compared to traditional carpet cleaners.  “The HOST system deep cleans any carpet, including expensive wool rugs, removing soiling such as walked in dirt and virtually all food, tea and coffee stains and without using lots of water” says Ian Monk from Wallingford hire specialists Clean Machine.  He goes on to say “HOST carpet cleaner is soft processed organic fibre moistened with a small amount of water and safe to use chemicals.  It looks and works like thousands of tiny sponges, dissolving and absorbing dirt.  An added bonus when using HOST is its ability to reduce dust mite allergens, cat allergens and mould spores by up to 85% with just one clean . Unlike wet carpet cleaning, your carpet can be used immediately after cleaning, especially useful where children and pets are concerned.”                 

HOST say that using their products compared to other carpet cleaning methods saves thousands of litres of water every year.  More and more Local Authorities, schools, hotels, office-based businesses, shops, home owners, etc., are recognizing that low moisture carpet cleaning represents environmental savings.  Using Host won’t humidify buildings like water extraction methods, forcing air conditioners to run harder and longer. Nor will it burden sewers and water treatment facilities with wastewater.

HOST are keen to point out their cleaning compounds are safe and ready to use.  Even the packaging is designed to be environmentally responsible - foil bags are flat, so they won’t take up much landfill space, plastic buckets are reusable and recyclable, and boxes can be recycled.

Clean Machine’s Gary Lambourne says “The HOST system is easy to use and very effective on both domestic and commercial carpets, including high quality wool carpets and Persian rugs.  There is absolutely no risk of shrinking the carpet.  The American HOST product is not new, over forty years of development has been invested in the HOST system and, as a result, HOST works extremely well on virtually any carpet or rug.  The HOST system, in my experience, is capable of removing most spots and stains and without spots reappearing, which often occurs with wet systems.

Clean Machine can be found in St. Peter’s Street, Wallingford or visit their informative web site www.machinesthatclean.com.  They can also be contacted by telephone on 01491 825600.  Helping customers to hire or buy cleaning equipment throughout the Thames Valley area since 1998, Clean Machine offer a unique range of cleaning equipment not normally available from traditional hire shops. 

HOST carpet cleaner in action









HOST® dry carpet cleaning system in action

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Handful of HOST sponges



Handful of HOST® SPONGES®

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