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Rotary Scrubbers & Polishers are floor machines that do it all - Scrub, Strip, Spray Clean, Buff, Bonnet Clean, Shampoo, Grind, Sand & Much More...

Clean Machine can supply rotary machines from a range of manufacturers, and have chosen to promote the Victor range of rotary scrubbers and polishers on this page.  Designed and manufactured in the UK by industry experts Dowding & Plummer Ltd, the Victor brand is globally renowned and distributed in over 56 countries.   Victor is at the forefront of design and innovation, evolving its range of cleaning machines to meet the ever changing requirements of customers and environments.  Please scroll down to view, and contact us if you require any further help or advice.  You can e-mail us from the form at the bottom of this page, call us on 01491 825600.  Demonstrations may be available on selected machines in many areas of the UK mainland.

Tomcat EDGE Orbital Scrubber & Polisher

Edge Orbital Scrubber DrierWe are proud to have the new and totally awesome Tomcat EDGE floor preparation and finishing machines on our hire fleet. Using a powerful 1.5hp motor, high speed oscillation and 75 kg of weight the Tomcat EDGE makes short work of even the toughest jobs. This orbital machine is unlike other orbital machines due to its adjustable head weight and high oscillating speed and a working width of 20” (500 mm).

The Tomcat EDGE with the rectangular high speed oscillating system offers a new concept in floor cleaning and preparation. The combination of a unique high speed orbital motion and a large range of cleaning pads, screens and specially developed tools make the EDGE ideal for cleaning and renovation of hard floors. For special applications additional weights can be added, increasing the machine up to 120Kg pressure. The orbital action gives a more even finish than traditional rotary machines, taking less time to achieve superior results.

Tomcat tasks:

Dry strip multiple levels of polish from linoleum, PVC and rubber without using chemicals, prep and re-coat six times faster than traditional methods. Far safer for the operator by reducing slip and fall accidents and much better for our environment too. Less down time and floors can be stripped in busy 24/7 areas with minimal disruption.

Wet scrub with up to 70% less water and chemical
Edge Orbital Scrubber Drier
Remove paint

Refinish wood

Polish Terrazzo

Polish Marble

Clean and renovate tiled floors

Deep clean safety flooring

Deep clean natural stone

Remove scuff marks from painted concrete

Clean and polish smooth concrete

The rectangular pad allows the Tomcat Edge to work right up to the skirting board and into corners. Even the skirting board can be cleaned at the same time by adjusting the pad position.

Oscillating action makes the Tomcat EDGE so easy to use and achieve fantastic results and quickly too with minimal operator training required.

No chance of damaging the floor surface by burning or gauging.

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Tomcat pads

We stock the immense range of Tomcat pads from standard scrubbing to diamond coating and Melamine “magic” sponge.

We will be pleased to advise on the correct pads for your task.

pdf icon        Tomcat Edge Pads Brochure        
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Victor Industrial Multispeed

Victor MultispeedThe Victor Multispeed is a truly multi-functional machine.  Scrubbing, spray cleaning, burnishing and carpet cleaning can all be carried out effectively by the Multispeed. 

The Multispeed offers 3 operating speeds, 200 rpm, 400 rpm and 600 rpm.  This allows the user unlimited cleaning power with the capability to carry out any hard floor cleaning task and effectively clean carpets. 

The Multispeed features a controlled soft start.  This is particularly useful for inexperienced operators and makes the machine easy to control on start up during carpet bonnet mopping or shampooing.  Available in 2 sizes 15" (400mm) and 17" (450mm).



Hard floors: stripping; scrubbing; spray cleaning; burnishing; bonnet mopping

Carpets: skimming; bonnet mopping


3 operating speeds for versatile cleaning ability 

Slow start for operator comfort and ease of use

Full range of attachments can be fitted to maximise cleaning result and efficiency

£1,095 complete with driveboard


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Victor Europa & Europa V-Series

Europa 400 Standard SpeedThe Victor Europa provides excellent mark removal capability when scrubbing using the standard speed or spray cleaning at super high speed.  The Europa V-Series combine this mark removal capability with active vacuumation for dust removal when spray cleaning or burnishing at super high speed.


Europa 450 Super SpeedThe Victor Europa is available in two speeds, standard speed used for scrubbing, bonnet mopping, stripping and carpet cleaning and super high speed for polishing and spray cleaning.  A wide variety of attachments can be added to these two machines to assist with each cleaning task, for example tanks and a splash skirt for scrubbing or an exhauster and quick release skirt for spray cleaning and burnishing.


Europa V-Series 400 Super with Exhauster UnitThe Europa V-Series is available only in super high speed and comes complete with an exhauster and quick release skirt.  The vacuum attachment, standard with the Europa V-Series can be fitted with HEPA filtration for improved cleaning and protection for operators and building users.  Available in 2 sizes 15" (400mm) and 17" (450mm).


Hard floors:
    stripping (Europa standard speed only);
    scrubbing (Europa standard speed only);
    spray cleaning (Europa super high speed & V-Series only);
    burnishing (Europa super high speed & V-Series only);
    bonnet mopping

    skimming (Europa standard speed only);
    bonnet mopping (Europa standard speed only).


Versatility across the range
Reduced service costs


   £805    Europa 400 Standard Speed c/w Drive Board
   £805    Europa 400 Super High Speed c/w Drive Board
£1,030    Europa V 400 Super High Speed c/w Exhauster, Skirt & Drive Board
   £830    Europa 450 Standard Speed c/w Drive Board
   £830    Europa 450 Super High Speed c/w Drive Board
£1,050    Europa V 450 Super High Speed c/w Exhauster, Skirt & Drive Board


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Victor Multispeed & Europa Selector Chart


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Victor Lynx Ultra High Speed Range

Lynx 20 BurnisherThe Lynx operates at 1080rpm to give excellent productivity in spray cleaning or burnishing and a superior finish on the floor.

The simple to use Lynx keeps operator training to a minimum through its straight line operation.


Lynx 20 Burnisher with Exhauster UnitThe Lynx can be fitted with an exhauster for areas where an active dust collection unit is necessary.  However where sound is an issue the Lynx has the ability to be converted to a silent passive dust collection system.

The fold over handle and castors on the rear of the machine allow it to be stored in the smallest of storage areas.



Hard floors: spray cleaning; burnishing


Active or passive vacuumation available
Easy to use straight line operation cuts training time
Fold-over handle and rear castors allow the Lynx to be stored in the smallest of places
High productivity
Excellent cleaning results
Available in 3 sizes: 15" (400mm), 17" (450mm) and 20" (500mm)


   £895    Lynx 17" Burnisher c/w Dust Control/Collection
£1,110    Lynx 17" V Burnisher c/w Dust Control/Collection & Exhauster
   £945    Lynx 20" Burnisher c/w Dust Control/Collection
£1,160    Lynx 20" Burnisher c/w Dust Control/Collection & Exhauster


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All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Free demonstration service - available on selected models, to prospective purchasers of floorcare equipment throughout the Midlands and South of England, with absolutely no obligation.

The above machines are also available to hire - see our hire page

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