Purefast trolley and van mounted 

window, cladding and solar panel cleaning systems

Purefast Water Fed Pole Portable Trolley System – 125 Litre

The purefast 125 trolley system is a very popular hire  choice and ideal for on-site window cleaning around schools, colleges, shopping centres, business parks etc. The purpose-built, 125 litre low profile water tank is mounted on a two wheel trolley with large blow up tyres and fitted with a 12 volt 100psi water pump, digital pump controller and a heavy duty deep cycle battery.

Setting up is very easy, connect the 3 metre hose to a tap and a Di resin filter (which makes instant pure water). Connect a hose from the resin filter to the trolley and fill the water tank. The trolley is fitted with a hose reel containing 50 metres of 8mm lightweight hose which is then connected to a waterfed pole via a quick release tap on a belt, which you can use to shut off water flow remotely when moving between windows. You are now ready to work from ground floor up to 9 metres (30′). Carbon fibre waterfed poles extending up to 20 metres are also available at extra cost.

We supply Unger Di resin on sale or return and the quantity required will depend on the incoming water hardness. The resin can be changed quickly and easily and a TDS Meter,( to test water purity)  is supplied so you can monitor the condition of the resin. Two glass fibre  waterfed poles are supplied, a 7.2 metre (23′) pole is suitable for ground floor and first floor windows and a 9.4 metre (30′) pole for second and third floor windows. You can upgrade to carbon fibre poles at additional cost.

1 DAY – £75.00, 2 DAYS – £112.50, 1 WEEK – £150.00

Purefast Water Fed Pole Portable Trolley System – 400 Litre

This is our top of the range trolley system with a 400 litre capacity tank, mounted on a robust 4 wheel chassis with large pneumatic tyres and turntable steering for easy manouvering. This trolley will easily pass through standard doorways and can be filled with as much or as little water as needed for the task. Put in 200 litres for about 3 hours work, or fill the trolley for over 6 hours work.

We can configure the pure water filtration system to match your requirements;

  • For simple operation with fast tank filling and no wasted water we can supply a Di resin filter system.
  • For longer hires and reduced Di resin costs we can fit a high flow,  top quality 4040 reverse osmosis system.

The purefast 4040 trolley is equipped with:

  • 400 litre plastic water tank, enough water for over 4 hours continuous use.
  • Sanic Anti Microbial sediment and carbon block prefilters.
  • A high flow 4040 reverse osmosis filter, removes up to 97% of minerals.
  • Di resin quick change filter vessel removes the remaining minerals for a perfect finish.
  • Quality metering valve to adjust RO flow.
  • TDS meter so you can monitor the purity of the water.
  • 50 metre x 8mm hose on a built in hose reel, minimises trolley movements.
  • Digital pump controller to adjust the water flow to match your task and protect the battery and pump
  • voltage indicator.
  • 100 psi self priming pump, easily copes with poles up to over 20 metres ( 60′).
  • Numax 86 Ah maintenance free, deep cycle battery, more than enough power for a full days work.
  • Numax automatic battery charger and conditioner.
  • Storage for waterfed poles while you are moving around the site.
  • Storage for additional brushes and accessories.
  • The very latest lightweight carbon fibre telescopic waterfed pole up to 33′ (10m).
  • Remote control valve to stop water flow and conserve water while you are moving between windows and solar panels.
  • Parking brake.
  • Automatic water shut off to prevent over filling the tank.
  • Clevis hitch to allow the trolley to be towed around site by a vehicle.

Options available:

  • Upgrade to a twin operator system
  • Additional waterfed pole extensions up to 20 metres (60′)
  • Solar panel cleaning brushes
  • Extra wide brushes
  • Very narrow brushes
  • Water softener (fully automatic and no electrical power required)
  • Instant on-demand reverse osmosis system.
  • Di resin only filtration
Hire rates are subject to specification required,  please contact us for prices.

Purefast Waterfed Pole Van Mounted Window Cleaning Systems

In response to our customers requests we have developed a range of quick release van mounted systems suitable for hire. Our purefast systems are designed to keep you working if your vehicle is off the road due to a breakdown or an accident, or should you need extra capacity for a large or a new contract.

Our range of easy-fit pure water systems simply slide into the back of your van, pickup, trailer or a hire van, and secured without the need to drill holes into the vehicle. Clever tank design allows safe and secure fitting in just a few minutes.


  • Tank sizes available: 250 litres (1 operator); 450 litres (1 or 2 operators), 650 litres (2 operators) and 800 litres (2 operators).
  • Digital pump controller (dial up the required water flow ).
  • Hose reels (100 metre x 8mm hose) either tank mounted static or mobile trolley type.
  • Hose connections are either Hoselock style or Rectus style stainless steel.
  • Water flow to the pole can be turned on/off by a belt tap worn by the operator
  • Numax mains 230v fully automatic battery charger(s)
  • Water filtration: Di Resin in Unger quick change filter vessel or Reverse Osmosis option , TDS meter supplied.
  • Waterfed poles: Telescopic glass fibre up to 30′ as standard or, at additional cost, choose from telescopic carbon fibre up to 55′ or modular carbon fibre up to 59′.

For ease of battery charging and frost protection, our pumps, batteries and digital contollers are mounted in purefast FLOWBOX units which are quick release and can be taken indoors. We use leakproof batteries for safety. Our 650 and 800 litre tank systems are fitted with FLOWBOXES as standard.

You supply the van and we will kit it out and provide operator instruction.  Alternatively we can arrange van hire through Rabbits Vehicle Hire in Didcot.

Hire rates are subject to specification required,  please contact us for prices.

Purefast DIY waterfed pole window cleaning systems for hire

Providing you have good water pressure at home, our basic pure water window cleaning system can leave your windows spotlessly clean. This is easily achieved using the following set up:

  • 1 x Di resin filter vessel filled with 5 litres of Di resin
  • 1 x 10 metre x 8 mm extension hose (connects resin vessel to telescopic pole)
  • 1 x belt, tap and holster kit (allows the operator to turn off the water flow remotely and saves water and resin).
  • 1 x 6 metre (20′) glass fibre telescopic waterfed pole suitable for up to two storeys.
  • 1 x 9.4 metre (30′) glass fibre telescopic waterfed pole suitable for up to three storeys.

Comprehensive instructions included.

Hire rates are subject to specification required,  please contact us for prices.

Thinking of purchasing?

We will be pleased to quote for trolley based or van mounted pure water systems with a range of capacities and either glass fibre or carbon fibre waterfed poles.

Why use pure water?

The key to achieving spotless, streak free windows and cladding is pure water. The water needs to be almost 100% pure to be effective, so when it evaporates from the glass or cladding, no water marks or deposits are left behind. Using pure water also helps to keep the glass cleaner for longer periods than traditional systems and does not require the use of a squeegee.

How is tap water converted into pure water?

Making water pure is very easy, thanks to our Di Resin filters. Tap water is passed through a filter vessel (which looks rather like a large fire extinguisher) packed with high capacity, mixed bed ion exchange resin, which produces virtually 100% pure water immediately and without any water loss or wastage. The cost of this process in most hard water areas is around 0.02p per litre of water (if you purchase your Di resin from us!) and a full day’s window cleaning with one waterfed pole consumes on average 400 litres. Pure water is produced at the same rate as the flow in your hosepipe, so there is minimal down time when filling containers or water tanks. purefast Di Resin filters are extremely simple to use and work perfectly well in all but freezing weather conditions and they can be connected between a tap and a waterfed pole or tank, without any additional equipment.

What is Di resin?

Di resin looks similar to brown sugar and consists of small beads of a polystyrene polymer, which originates from petrochemicals. When water is passed through the resin filter, the resin beads attract impurities, stripping water of minerals and carbon dioxide. Pure water is very slightly acidic and therefore mildly aggressive, ideal for cleaning glass and will remove stubborn dirt and algae. Most windows can be cleaned without the need of detergents. Pure water also breaks down surface tension on glass and this is why glass stays cleaner for longer after washing.

Easy to use

Just as much as glass becomes soiled, window frames retain dirt and previously used detergents. On a first clean with a pure water system these impurities have to be released by brushing and then rinsing away. Once the frames have dried a second and sometimes a third pass over the glass produces crystal clear windows. From then on, the next time the windows are cleaned, sparkling glass is achieved in just a few brush strokes. Practice and experience improves your pole technique and the cleaning task gets easier, quicker and requires less effort.

If you would like to know more about purefast waterfed pole pure water window cleaning systems or to book a no obligation and free demonstration on your premises please contact us and we will be pleased to help.


Hire or buy from us to make your cleaning task easier

Our focus is to supply quality,  innovative cleaning machines and solutions that provide the best possible performance and have a long working life,  with low running costs to make your cleaning task easier, more efficient and more effective. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and advice and we will be pleased to help you.  Our shop in Wallingford is packed with a wide selection of cleaning machines,  consumables  and  pure water window cleaning systems for you to see before you hire or buy.

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