War on Gum continues…

Just delivering another Matrix chewing gum removing machine to help a local school clean up paths and playgrounds. The Matrix SD8 steam cleaner the school has chosen; uses a mixture of steam vapour at  8 bar pressure and chewing gum removing chemical  to make short work of gum removal.  The steam lance is equipped with a brass brush which is used to agitate the gum  and helps to concentrate steam and heat on the gum to speed up the removal process.

The Matrix SD8 can also be used around the school for other tasks including deep cleaning changing rooms,  toilets and kitchen floors and walls. The deep cleaning effect of steam ensures that bacteria and other unwanted micr-organisms are destroyed,  even right down to into the deepest pores of the polluted surface. Subsequently the minimal residue left behind by the use of steam can be removed by simultaneous use of microfibre or vacuum. This way bacteria will not be able to duplicate and the surface will be instantly and hygienically cleaned. Steam cleaning has been scientifically proven against bacteria including MRSA.

Helping the environment is high on the schools agenda and by using steam cleaning methods the school can save the use of detergents by up to 90%.  Water usage is also dramatically reduced by up to 95% ! Saving time ,  money and of course the environment.

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