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Clean Machine specialises in hire and sales of domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, especially floorcare and pure water,  waterfed pole (wfp) window cleaning systems.  Our extensive product range includes wet or dry carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners for natural stone,  vinyl, safety floors and concrete warehouse floors.  We also have specialist products for outdoor floor cleaning, including patios, carparks and tennis courts.


Making Cleaning Easy!

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Carpet Cleaners

We hire and sell:
  • Craftex wet spray extraction machines
  • Craftex Thermadry rotary hot pad system.
  • Host Reliant, Freestyle
  • Liberator dry extraction carpet cleaning machines
  • Host environmentally sound Green Seal cleaning chemicals.

Rotary Floor Scrubber / Polisher

We hire and sell:
  • Cleanline, IVO, Tomcat and Powr-Flite floor scrubber driers and rotary floor machines either mains powered or battery powered.
  • Kersten, Tomcat and Topfloor sweeping machines petrol engine and battery powered.

Vacuum Cleaners

We hire and sell:
  • Numatic, Sebo, Miele, V-Tuff, Huuvan and Victor vacuum cleaners
  • Small Henry vacs to very large 3 phase industrial vacuums.
  • VAX, Sebo and Morphy Richards domestic vacuum cleaners.

Pressure Washers

We hire and sell:
  • Dual Pumps, MAC International and Kranzle hot and cold water pressure washers.
  • Electric, petrol and diesel engine powered
  • Whirlaway rotary surface cleaners, turbo lances and extending lances.

Steam Cleaners

We hire and sell:

Matrix dry steam cleaners which are designed to thoroughly clean and sanitise most hard and soft surfaces. They are used in kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, on floors, walls, machinery and furnishings, dry steam cleaners use high temperature steam vapour to sterilise and loosen dirt and grime.


Window Cleaning Systems

We manufacture and supply the very latest Pure Water Water Fed Pole (WFP) Window Cleaning Systems, including our own purefast trolley based pure water systems and our unique Glasshopper indoor high level cleaning system. We also hire,  supply and install van mounted systems from 250 litres to 1000 litre capacities and fully automatic Reverse Osmosis static systems too. In our shop we stock Streamline and Unger products and lots of brass, stainless steel and plastic fittings and couplings.  Also Unger and Lewi hand tools and spare parts,  which many of our customers find extremely useful when they have lost or broken an item ! We also supply and install water softeners for domestic and commercial use.

Water Softeners

Industrial water softeners

Our most popular commercial / industrial softeners are installed to soften water passing through reverse osmosis filter membranes which are used in pure water systems. Greatly extending the life and efficiency of the membrane. We match the size ( or capacity) of the softener to the amount of water used on an average day to ensure the effectiveness of the softener.

Domestic water softeners

Our domestic softeners are designed to give you water that feels soft and silky, it does away with unsightly scale around the bath, sink, taps and toilet and reduces the use of cleaning products, shampoo and soap. Soft water also maintains scale free pipes and can save up to 24% of the cost of running a heating system. From the day you install a water softener it will reverse the old scale build up from the last 20 years.

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Hire or buy from us to make your cleaning task easier

Our focus is to supply quality,  innovative cleaning machines and solutions that provide the best possible performance and have a long working life,  with low running costs to make your cleaning task easier, more efficient and more effective. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and advice and we will be pleased to help you.  Our shop in Wallingford is packed with a wide selection of cleaning machines,  consumables  and  pure water window cleaning systems for you to see before you hire or buy.

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