Scrubber Driers

Scrubber driers are powerful machines designed to thoroughly scrub and dry hard floor surfaces in one pass. The type of brush or pad and the brush pressure applied determines the scrubbing effect, from light maintenance cleaning to heavy duty scrubbing removing deep embedded soiling from factory floors. The three main brush heads available are rotary disc ( using disc brushes or floor pads), roller brush and high speed oscillating head. The power source can be battery, mains power, LPG or diesel.

Scrubber driers leave the floor squeaky clean by removing the loosened dirt and grime with a powerful vacuum and are therefore far more effective and more hygienic than using a traditional mop. This particularly applies to safety flooring where the use of mops tends to leave the floor still looking dirty. We recommend and supply floor scrubber driers manufactured by Craftex, Cleanline and IVO. When heavy duty cleaning of factory floors is required we recommend the very best heavy duty machines for industrial use and we supply the amazing Tomcat range which are ideal for this purpose.

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