Carpet Cleaning Machines

There are many different types of carpet in both domestic and commercial premises, which require different carpet cleaning methods. Therefore we offer an excellent range of carpet cleaning products from the industries leading manufacturers, including Craftex and Host von Schrader. We provide full after sales support including informal start-up training in our shop and training courses held by Host von Schrader, on their premises. You can also train to become a Woolsafe Approved Operator for the Host Dry Extraction carpet cleaning system.

Wet systems – Spray extraction machines (sometimes called steam cleaners) have a pump to send hot or cold pressurised cleaning solution through a nozzle and into the carpet pile just in front of a powerful vacuum head which immediately extracts the dislodged dirt and dissolved soiling.

Low moisture systems – Low moisture thermal rotary machines look rather like a rotary floor buffer and use a revolving carpet pad (which is heated by the machine) to agitate the carpet and absorb soiling and spots.

Dry extraction systems – Dry extraction carpet cleaning machines use deep pile counter rotating roller brushes and a clever cleaning chemical that has the appearance and texture of minute sponges to dissolve and absorb soiling and spots. A proper “green” (Green Seal Approved) and environmentally sound carpet cleaning method that can often out perform wet systems on spot and stain removal.

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