Water Softeners

We supply and install domestic and industrial water softeners. From small water softeners that fit under a sink to larger commercial water softening systems for use in car washes and for R.O systems used for window, cladding and solar panel cleaning..

What is softened water?

As rain percolates down through soil and rocks, it picks up minerals. Water that flows through limestone and chalk, picks up hard calcium and magnesium minerals, hence the term “water hardness”. This hard water causes scale and scum which can be difficult to remove from around taps, shower cubicles and coats the inside of water pipes. A water softener removes the hard minerals and produces soft water.

Periodically the softener automatically purges the hard minerals it has collected and recharges itself by flushing with a salt solution (brine) followed by a fresh water rinse.

Sumptuous soft water

Our domestic softeners are designed to give you water that feels soft and silky, it does away with unsightly scale around the bath, sink, taps and toilet and reduces the use of cleaning products, shampoo and soap. Soft water also maintains scale free pipes and can save up to 24% of the cost of running a heating system. From the day you install a water softener it will reverse the old scale build up from the last 20 years. Soft water is kind on clothes and makes laundry feel fresher and softer. On average 160 litres of water is used per person per day.

The Return on Your Investment

In the current financial climate we’d all like to know that we’re not only getting the best value for money at the point of purchase, but that the purchases we make are actually earning their keep & paying for themselves through providing savings on money, time and effort.

Reduced Energy Bills

Lime scale deposits on heating surfaces in washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters and even kettles reduces their efficiency significantly. Studies have show domestic hot water systems can suffer 25% drop in efficiency due to the build up of lime scale on heating elements and pipework. This is true for both gas and electric powered systems. Using softened water will gently remove the deposited scale, prevent further scaling and help restore the efficiency of the system. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) estimates the average domestic energy bill for a family in the UK to be around £1,260 per annum. According to the Energy Saving Trust more than half of this goes on heating and hot water. Savings will depend on your size of house, energy usage and state of water heating systems. However, if you could make even a 15% improvement on the efficiency of your hot water system it could potentially save you £94.50 per year.

Industrial water softeners

Our most popular commercial / industrial softeners are installed to soften water passing through reverse osmosis filter membranes which are used in pure water systems. Greatly extending the life and efficiency of the membrane. We match the size ( or capacity) of the softener to the amount of water used on an average day to ensure the effectiveness of the softener.

We will be pleased to quote for a new or replacement water softener and for our local customers, we can also test your existing softener to make sure it is working efficiently.

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