Cold Water Pressure Washer Hire

Cold water pressure washers use electric, petrol or diesel powered pumps which force water through high pressure lances to easily blast away dirt and cut through grime. The cleaning power varies between models due to the combination of pump pressure and water flow rate. Engine powered pressure washers are more powerful than 230 volt electric powered units. Electric units are better suited for use around the home and inside factory units. Engine driven pressure washers are great for more heavy cleaning tasks and  to work remotely where an electrical power supply is not available. Delivery is possible, contact us with your postcode for a delivery quote. We are members of the Hire Association Europe and we thoroughly service and run test every machine and carry out a PAT test (Portable Appliance Test, which identifies any electrical issues such as a broken earth wire or poor insulation resistance) every time an electric machine comes back off hire. We also fit an inline RCD (safety trip switch) on all of our 230v hire machines, and all of these are tested on an RCD test rig before every hire.

We have an extensive range of cold water pressure washers to suit customers needs; some have removable handle bars to fit in almost any car, some have built in hose reels and chemical tanks, also heavy duty electric start diesel engine powered units and we have wheel barrow style bowsers with petrol engine pressure washers attached,  you can be assured that we have the right machine for your task.

All prices quoted below do not include petrol or diesel fuel and  VAT.

1500psi electric domestic pressure washer

Reference number 632

Traditional domestic carpet cleaning machine to clean carpets and upholstery, injects cleaning solution into the carpet pile and extracts deep down dirt and soiling , all in one pass. Handy 14 litre capacity solution and recovery tanks. This machine is easily transported, fitting in most small cars and it is easy to carry upstairs too because the machine separates into two sections by unclipping the top tank.   Photo shows an upholstery and stair tool attached and a 300mm floor wand is also supplied for larger areas.  For the best results we supply the excellent Craftex professional carpet cleaning solution which is  available on sale or return. We also stock Craftex spot and stain removers to deal with those issues created by people and pets.
1 DAY – £20.00, 2 DAYS – £30.00, 1 WEEK – £40.00

1500psi electric pressure washer

Reference number 519

Heavy duty high performance cleaning power to tackle even the heaviest of dirt with ease. Ideal for cleaning away years of algae, dirt and grime from patios , paths and buildings. Ideal too for cleaning vehicles, farm machinery and plant.  Pressure washers (due to their high amp draw) must not be used with extension leads,  however we can supply additional 10 metre lengths of high pressure hose if required. This machine has a built in 15 metre high pressure hose reel.
1 DAY – £30.00, 2 DAYS – £45.00, 1 WEEK – £60.00

2000psi petrol engine pressure washer, trolley mounted

Reference number 55

Powerful Honda petrol engine produces 2000 p.s.i – enough pressure for most jobs, yet light enough to lift in and out of a vehicle. Ideal for using on site where there is no electric power supply or the power supply is too far away . This pressure washer is trolley mounted and very compact so ideal for situations where there are steps or poor access.  For large areas this machine can be used with our rotary surface cleaner.
1 DAY – £50.00, 2 DAYS – £75.00, 1 WEEK – £100.00

2000psi petrol engine pressure washer bowser

Reference number 622

Powerful Honda petrol engine produces 2000 p.s.i – (150 bar) enough pressure for most jobs,  yet light enough to lift in and out of a vehicle. Ideal for using on site where there is no electric power supply or the power supply is too far away . This pressure washer is mounted on a 120 litre water bowser wheel barrow style trolley for ease of use, no loose tanks,  just connect a hose pipe to the inlet and a ball valve stops the tank overflowing.  We specify slow speed pumps which provide better suction and flow.  An 18″ Whirlaway rotary floor cleaning tool on castors can be used with this machine for cleaning large areas. Details below:
1 DAY – £50.00, 2 DAYS – £75.00, 1 WEEK – £100.00

3000psi diesel engine pressure washer

Reference number 630

Extremely powerful pressure washer, tremendous performance for cleaning large areas – fast. All of our machines have electric start, some have built-in hose reels and all have large tyres to aid manoeuvrability. A 19″ rotary floor tool is available to hire with this machine, for cleaning large areas, evenly, quickly and easily. We also supply purpose made water tanks to strap into your vehicle so you are completely mobile and independent of power and on-site water.
1 DAY – £60.00, 2 DAYS – £90.00, 1 WEEK – £120.00

Accessories for use with pressure washers and steam cleaners

Extra high pressure hose in 10 metre lengths, price per hose
1 DAY – £4.00, 2 DAYS – £6.00  1 WEEK – £8.00

Turbo lance – doubles performance, for concrete and hard surfaces.
1 DAY – £20.00, 2 DAYS – £30.00, 1 WEEK – £40.00

Whirlaway rotary 18″ floor cleaning tool,  mounted on 4 castor wheels,  ideal for cleaning large areas and minimises overspray on walls and doors.
1 DAY – £25.00, 2 DAYS – £37.50, 1 WEEK – £50.00

Water tanks from 120 – 800 litres, prices from :
1 DAY – £25.00, 2 DAYS – £37.50, 1 WEEK – £50.00

( Above prices exclude VAT and delivery )


Hire or buy from us to make your cleaning task easier

Our focus is to supply quality,  innovative cleaning machines and solutions that provide the best possible performance and have a long working life,  with low running costs to make your cleaning task easier, more efficient and more effective. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and advice and we will be pleased to help you.  Our shop in Wallingford is packed with a wide selection of cleaning machines,  consumables  and  pure water window cleaning systems for you to see before you hire or buy.

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