AquaTeck Portable Fogging System

Sanitise a large room in minutes with natural sanitising fog

Ideal for Hospitals · Care Homes · Ambulances · Restaurants · Kitchens · Hotels · Schools · Universities · Undertakers · Theme Parks · Sports Clubs · Gyms · Office Blocks · Trucks · Delivery Vehicles · Ships · AirCraft · Retail Shops · Buses  · Stations  · Trains · Airport terminals · Mortuaries

Fast and Safe Sanitisation

The AquaTeck Portable Fogging System is ideal for any establishments where sanitisation and cleanliness are of paramount importance.

  • Sanitises everything in a room and destroys odours
  • 100% natural sanitising – no chemicals, no COSHH
  • Works faster and more effectively than environmentally harmful chemical sanitising and cleaning solutions such as bleach and chlorine
  • No plastic containers
  • No harmful chemicals to be mixed, stored or discarded
  • Portable, easy to use, improved cost efficiency
  • Simple to operate: plug in, set  the programme operation time depending on the application and room size, switch on… job done!
  • Separate tripod for the fogging nozzle assembly – enables you to position the nozzle where it is needed and place the control panel a convenient distance away to start fogging operation 
  • Generates a sub 4 micron fog (similar to a very fine mist)  –  the cloud fog stays airborne whilst system is running and sanitises everything in the room
  • No chemicals, no mixing, no scrubbing, no plastic bottles

More Information

  • BS/EN13697 certified
  • Quick turn around application of Activated Water based sanitiser within enclosed areas
  • Easy setup and teardown using Quick Connect air and liquid supply hoses
  • Stainless steel cart mounted control panel and water container for easy transportation
  • 18 litre tank capacity – sufficient to sanitise approximately ten large 100 cubic metre rooms or 20 ‘standard-sized’ bedrooms
  • Easy to operate using the selector switch. Run it either on a timer or continuously.
  • Non-drip nozzle dispenses the sanitising ‘fog’ at a rate of 8 litres per hour – simply wheel it from room to room as required
  • One nozzle will spray a volume of 100m³ to a dense fog in 5 minutes
  • GreenTeck supplies you with the electrolysed water in 25 litre containers or 1000 litre IBC tanks- Alternatively you can manufacture your own Aquateck solution by purchasing our PATENTED AquaTeck system.


AquaTeck in Action

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